19th Aug 2018

ideaREF! - The solution to save adresses from Internet


ideaREF! is an online internet address redirection and archival service. Using the internet, you can visit and read different pages/resources. And if you want to remember some of these addresses so that you can visit them later or tell your friends. However for most of the pages you visit you need to remember a cryptic, hard to read and remember address. Some addresses even contain numbers, commas and other cryptic characters. Using ideaREF! you can add references to internet addresses. And not only you can reach these addresses from anywhere on the internet, you can also define a new address that will also work from anywhere. For example: You want an easy way to reach CNN's news about Britney Spears. The address is: http://edition.cnn.com/2005/SHOWBIZ/Music/10/10/people.spears.reut/index.html After you add this address to your ideaREF account, /account/britney, will point to the same page. The requests for the new address will reach our servers and they will be redirected to original address. And you (or anybody) can use this address anywhere to reach the original content on CNN. And as you define your own account when you register, the new idearef address is very easy to remember. The way internet works, addresses and everything changes all the time, so when someone decides to change the way they organise information on a web site, the addresses and content change. ideaREF! also helps you to freeze and archive the contents. Easier than saving a web page on your computer, you can select to create an archive and ideaREF! creates a copy for you. And now you or anybody can use an ideaREF! address to reach this copy. You have the power over your addresses to change them whenever you want. Using ideaREF! you can also create lists to manage your addresses easily. You can even create smart lists so that your addresses are automatically organised. You can also use these lists as alternative addresses for example; /account/britney, /account/music/britney, or /account/news/britney may point to the same address and you are not required to make multiple addresses. When you add links to your account your links are automatically shared at your ideaREF! account address /account So if you tell your friends your account name they can always reach your current links. Your lists are also accessible from this page or using direct access addresses /account/list . And if you are using Smart lists you will be sharing dynamically updated pages as you add new links. And another sharing option is mailing your links. Just select the ones you want and click on email links an email will automatically be prepared for you to fill the addresses and voila. ideaREF! is for everyone who use the internet, and want to remember, organise Internet addresses and reach information. There are some specific uses which we believe will benefit from our services more. People who use references prefer to make them more readable, and in some cases they want to reach the original content when they made a reference.

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