20th Aug 2018

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informationrmazione.it is an aggregator of data. Currently, the activities are confined exclusively to informationrmazione.it news from online sources of information in Italian. informationrmazione.it, by the search bots find out the information for their own categories within certain websites. The pages, once acquired, they are transformed into XML documents, in order to better analyze its contents. The significant terms, after being treated by a stemming algorithm, are stored in inverted indexes, to be analyzed and related to topic. This means, in the case of news, which individual items are aggregated from different sources, when possible, to form a single story. informationrmazione.it is a press review of articles from various sources, associated by topic and sorted by date of acquisition. This service allows anyone to seek the consultation of the articles of greatest interest, so as to make it easier and faster identification and reading on the web site of publication. In each article, over the source, comes the title, incipit and hyperlink. Therefore, the full article can only be read on the web site of publication. Some items can be accompanied by images, where available. The images displayed belong to at least one of the articles published. A hyperlink allows the image to read the reference article published on the website. The articles costituti or accompanied by a set of photos or videos or audio from a document are referred to as multimedia and, as a function of this, marked by a special icon. The choice of articles and sources, including their arrangement, is solely based on the characteristics and capabilities of the collection system and not on political or ideological assessments. The desire to informationrmazione.it is to use the largest possible number of sources and articles ... The possible lack of sources and articles, including in relation to individual news items, is due solely to technical reasons. The tag cloud contains the terms (tags) present the most significant in the news section. The size of each tag contained in the cloud are proportional to the number of articles in which the same tag appears. Therefore, a longer term is used, the greater its size. By dragging the mouse cursor over a tag, it is highlighted, along with similar terms to which it was used. Clicking on a tag lists the information on which it appears. The use of tag clouds is an alternative to traditional search methods. Press Releases - informationmazione.it offers the possibility to distribute free of charge and without restriction of any press releases. Press releases can be saved so as to allow their automatic inclusion in the most popular search engines, thus increasing visibility. In fact, informationrmazione.it sets such as title, description and keywords of the page that displays each release, the title, the abstract and the keywords specified by the user during insertion. Not to mention the ability to insert hyperlinks. The use of press releases section is designed for anyone, from individuals to large companies, need to spread the news. The publication shall be made within 24 hours and is subject to verification staff informationrmazione.it.

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