19th Aug 2018

Jamespot - Or how to make digital informationrmation more human


Led by three entrepreneurs in the digital for over 15 years, the vision that bears Jamespot Web transforms and accelerates new uses.Jamespot publishes a SaaS solution for enterprise social network deployed in many organizations. The move was made for ten years now. Google search for today and for the social network Facebook. Jamespot launched its first social network to the general public. The Saad (Software as A Disk) is dead long live the SaaS (Software as a Service). Like a mature industry, customers expect a service and do not want to be the mechanics of their applications. SaaS eliminates completely the material contingencies to focus on its core business. For the general public: the emotion, the real time in a permanent digital / real will become the norm. For businesses: real time in space mixed digital / real between internal and external will become the norm. MISSION Mantra: "Beyond Data: People. " Mission: To make digital informationrmation more human Give it meaning, emotion. Put into action, interaction, in reality, the daily Highlight the people, the links Make possible the interactions between people Making Social applications Baseline: Intelligence Daily PRODUCTS A company offers: Jamespot is the solution of Corporate Social Networking for the intranet or extranet SaaS. It enables organizations to enhance human interaction with their business communities in their digital systems. Consumer offer: my.jamespot.com, B2C social network based on the center of interest is in the top 10,000 sites worldwide.

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