20th Aug 2018

Kledy.de - A German social bookmark and news services


Kledy.de is a social news and bookmark services. Users can share your favorite web sites for free or interesting articles and information on the WWW with other visitors. Simultaneously provides Kledy.de many useful and exciting features such as a bookmark script generator, buttons to link with your own website, microblogging, webcam chat, shopping area (with price comparison) and much more. Also, the users profile can be designed in many ways, so as one's own YouTube channel, or a personal Twitter profile to be involved. The popular social bookmarking service Kledy.de (www.kledy.de) has conducted a relaunch. The new layout is more modern, cleaner and provides an even better view. The bright colors allow for better readability than before. Many new features, e.g. the ability to create private groups or import your own pictures in a gallery, make the use more exciting and useful. Kledy.de Web 2.0 social bookmarking community for news news, websites and videos to spread. The content can be reported by the users, rate and comment. Your site for free news, links and videos in 13 different categories like car, mobile phone, computer, lifestyle, news, travel, shopping, games, sports, entertainment, business, service, and technology. KLED and vote for stories

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