20th Aug 2018

OKNotizie - The place for users to propose news and ressources


OkNotizie is a publishing site where users can propose news or other interesting resources that find in turn for the net. The same users vote every news (other either resource) using the key OK or No to decreatare what will be promoted to the home pays some service. OKNotizie is a collaborative application, there is Not behind a compiling, are the users same that operand on the system give back it a democratic source of information choosing the news to make to appear and for how much time give exhibition to each of is. On internet it is possible to find an eNormous quantity of information, but the time that everyone can dedicate to the search for is is ended. OKNotizie is a manner to associate different human beings to the end of to create a filter that leaves alone passerby the information more interesting for the majority of the users and filters all of the remainder, adapting itself automatic to the desires of the users of the site, and avoiding a centralizing control of the informationrmation.

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