19th Aug 2018

Mobile Bookmarking


PhoneFavs is a mobile web portal and phone optimized bookmarking service. Instantly mobilize your bookmarks and discover the mobile web. PhoneFavs allows you to use your own bookmarks on your phone or any web browser. You can easily import, organize, tag and discover mobile web sites in a portable, mobile friendly format. PhoneFavs also provides a mobile web directory, a mobile software store, and a mobile web transcoder which mobilizes larger web pages, for better browsing on a small screen devices. PhoneFavs also works in combination with your main web browser. With the PhoneFavs browser buttons and mobile bookmarklets you can easily bookmark pages, save articles and store them on PhoneFavs for later reading on the go.

Traffic information

Phonfavs' main audience is in the range of 35-44. Most of them use it at work and have a college education.

Visitor Profile

75,100 visits over the last 30 days

Miscellaneous information

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