20th Aug 2018

Sina - Internet media company for Chinese communities worldwide


It is an online media company serving China and the global Chinese communities. The digital media network of SINA.com (portal), SINA.cn (mobile portal) and Weibo.com (social media), enable Internet users to access professional media and user generated content (UGC) in multi-media formats from the web and mobile devices and share their interests to friends and acquaintances. SINA.com offers distinct and targeted professional content on each of its region specific websites and a range of complementary offerings. SINA.cn provides information and entertainment content from SINA portal customized for WAP users. Based on an open platform architecture to host organically developed and third-party applications, Weibo.com is a form of social media, featuring microblogging services and social networking services that allow users to connect and share information anywhere, anytime and with anyone on their platform. Through these businesses and properties and other business lines, they offer an array of services including mobile value added services (MVAS), online video, music streaming, online games, photo sharing, blog, email, classified listings, fee-based services, e-commerce and enterprise services. They generate the majority of their revenues from online brand advertising, MVAS and fee-based services.

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Based on internet averages, sina.com.cn is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 25-34, are college educated and browse this site from work.

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472,585,000 visits over the last 30 days

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