19th Aug 2018

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Ustream is the leading live interactive broadcast platform. Anyone with an internet connection and a camera can start engaging with their family, friends or fans anytime, anywhere. Millions of Ustream users view and broadcast a wide variety of content, from high school sporting events to red carpet movie premieres. Notable Ustream broadcasts include major political events, concerts, conferences, movie premieres, talk shows, sporting events, interactive games, and personal milestones. Ustream's mission is to bring people together around shared interests for amazing live, interactive experiences that build and maintain relationships. Company Background: After meeting at West Point in 2007, founders John Ham and Brad Hunstable joined with Gyula Feher to create a service that would allow service men to communicate with their families and friends live, all at once. The founders launched Ustream in March 2007, and the service has since found worldwide adoption, becoming the leading live interactive broadcast platform. Ustream has offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Budapest. Funding: Ustream has raised venture capital from SoftBank Group, DCM, Western Technology Investors, Band of Angels Fund, Infinity Venture Partners, and KT Corporation. Ustream Asia opened in 2010.

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