20th Aug 2018

Cyworld - A social network service to cultivate relationships


Cyworld is a South Korean social network service operated by SK Communications. Members cultivate relationships by forming friendships with each other through their minihompy. Avatars and mini-rooms, small, decorate-able, apartment-like spaces in an isometric projection. All of this can make for a Sims-like experience.The Cy in Cyworld could mean cyber but is also a pun on the Korean word for relationship. Revenue is generated through the sale of dotori, or acorns, which can then be used to purchase virtual goods,such as background music, pixelated furniture and virtual appliances. Cyworld also has operations in China and Vietnam.

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cyworld.com is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range35-44, have no children, are college educated and browse this site from work.

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8,633,100 visits over the last 30 days

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