19th Aug 2018

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DropJack.com is a social content website powered by users. Anyone familiar with the popular Digg.com site will understand how DropJack works. Register as a member - submit content - vote on content. It's that simple. The more votes a story receives, the better placement it receives on our site. As a member you can submit your own original content or you can submit stories, articles or news items that you believe are newsworthy and that would be of interest to others. You can vote to Drop a story if it's content spam, you can post comments, respond to comments and more. And you can use the same features as Non-members - search, bookmark, tell a friend and recommend stories to other social content web sites, like Digg, delicious, Reddit, Yahoo!, Blinklist, etc.

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Dropjack.com's audience tends to be between the ages of 45 and 65. It also appeals more to childless men and people who have attended college or graduate school.

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1,615,100 visits over the last 30 days

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