20th Aug 2018

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Fabulously40 was created for every woman 40 and beyond, who is ready to celebrate this exciting stage of her life. Relationships with families, friends, and even ourselves are undergoing profound changes, and it seems like the time is right for something new. As more and more women enter their fifth decade, some have forgotten about the importance of nurturing themselves. It was always about their kids, their significant others, careers, PTA meetings, soccer practices, and everything else life threw their way. For some women, it was about sacrificing all of those things in order to advance their careers and get ahead in the world. Others worked so hard to take care of people they love that they forgot to pay attention to their own needs. In the face of life's endless demands, many women lost sight of their own personas. And in doing so, they forgot who they once were.

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Based on internet averages, fabulously40.com is visited more frequently by females who are over 65 years old and are college educated.

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