19th Aug 2018

Facebook - Connects people with friends and collogues.


Facebook is a social networking website launched in February 2004. Traffic to Facebook has increased exponentially since 2009. It is now the top social network across the world. Facebook allows anyone who declares themself to be aged 13 or older to become a member of the website. Users can add people as friends, send them messages and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves. Additionally, users can join networks organized by workplace, school, or college. All their life, what they do and what they like, is summed up on a timeline on their profile. Unlike traditional display, Facebook gives advertisers of all sizes national scale on a local level. It also enables them to interact with their customers and knowing them better. In 2012 Facebook bought Instagram.

Visitors information

Facebook users are mainly younger than 44. The website is used similarly by women and men.

Traffic information

1,101,400,380 visits per month

Miscellaneous information

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