20th Aug 2018

Faves - The solution to help people discover the most personally relevant web content


Faves.com is a Seattle-based company whose mission is to help people discover the most personally relevant web content. Faves.com is a free website which delivers recommendations personalized to each user's topics and people of interest. Through a unique Topic Network, Faves.com users are connected to other members who make the highest quality recommendations in their respective areas of interest. Faves.com is led by an experienced group of entrepreneurs formerly from Microsoft. Faves is a social bookmarking and networking software that installs a single browser button for users to fave a webpage, making a link to the page part of their Faves profile. While offering a service similar to the better-known delicious, Faves has a wider range of functionality that encourages interaction with friends in rating the content of linked webpages. When a registered user visits their Faves home page, they see a summary of the bookmarks, called Faves by the company, that have been most recently shared by their friends.

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faves.com is visited more frequently by users who have No college education.

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901,700 visits over the last 30 days

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