20th Aug 2018

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Fwisp is a place where users can discover, share and submit articles, news and videos gathered from all over the web. Fwisp focus on topics such as personal finance, education & career, business & economy, investing & retirement, real estate and everything else related to finance & economics. The main tenacity of this site is to provide fresh, visitor-sourced quality content for everyone to discover, share and enjoy. How is Fwisp different? The most important component of Fwisp is users, the reader. Everything within the site is crowd-sourced by the visitors. While other sharing websites robotically harvest content and spit out millions of spam-infested pages, Fwisp hands over the controls to their users. They value everybody's opinion the same. They won't find power users here. Anyone has the authority to control the content. By voting links up and down, readers can influence the flow and hopefully keep Fwisp full of interesting and useful information. What's in it for users? Bloggers, need traffic. Share wonderful articles, news & videos on Fwisp and get better exposure in the form of backlinks, comments, subscriptions and repeat visitors to website. Readers, Fwisp offers an easy way of discovering relevant informationrmation which is strictly crowdsource-controlled. They have employed the power of other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to help users share content and expand their horizons. Human Rights Watch Donations They want to help make this world a better place for everybody. As of January 1st of 2011, 10% of all advertising revenue on Fwisp are donated to the Human Rights Watch Foundation: one of the world's leading independent organizations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights.

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